Small Traditional Boats.


  Coventry Boatbuilders are frequently asked for designs of small boats.

A number of suggestions are made below:




The Flattie:


Coventry Boatbuilders have designed and built for Classic Boat a flat bottomed dinghy which is suitable for sheltered water. The advantage of a flat bottom is stability and carrying capacity.


Eileen - under sail, she can be supplied as a rowing boat or fishing boat with a wet well under the centre thwart. 


Loa 2.8m beam 1.1m Weight 45kg. Capacity - 1 - 4


The Pram Dinghy.


The pram dinghy has the advantage of having a good carrying load for a relatively short length. Ian Oughtred has designed a number of wooden clinker dinghy's from 7ft to 9ft 6ins. This is a typical example:


Feather Pram - loa 2.03m beam1.145m weight 18kg. capacity - 1 to 3

Mouse Pram - loa 2.36m beam 1.195m weight 28kg. capacity 1 to 3

Granny Pram - loa 2.84m beam 1.23m weight 34kg capacity 1 to 4


The Stem Dinghy -

Stem dinghys' are more easy to handle and are strong. They do need to be longer to get the same carrying capacity. Coventry Boatbuilders have their own stock dinghy - Egg a pretty tuck stern dinghy designed in 1908. We also build dinghies with a conventional stern.

Lines of "Egg". loa 2.84m beam 1.5m weight 77kg. Capacity 1 - 4


 Picture of Egg being rowed.





In addition Ian Oughtred has 2 traditional dinghy's in this category:

Wren Tender - loa 2.36m beam 1.195m Weight 27kg. Capacity 1 - 3

Robin Dinghy - loa 3.11m beam 1.22m Weight 45kg Capacity 1-4



These boats are labour intensive to build, and because of their individuality there is also a learning curve, even for the expert. For this reason we prefer to build to order on a cost plus basis. We can give an estimate at the beginning and then a regular detailed account of how the bill has built up.

Drawings and details of Ian Oughtreds designscan be obtained from Ian Oughtred, The Piers, Findhorn, Moray, IV36 0YF, Scotland. Tel: 01309 690807.